If in our busy worlds you are going to make time to fit exercise in, one thing to do is to put reminders around and make it easy. Of course scheduling time for workouts (and then doing them) is important, but in addition sneaking in fitness throughout the day is beneficial. I live in a house where I have a full studio downstairs, but sometimes, quite pathetically, that is just too far away. If I’m really going to do a stretch that I know my body needs every day I need it to be even easier. So I have items to remind me at my desk, in the bedroom and in the living room.

I keep foam rollers and yoga blocks in my bedroom so I can stretch easily or foam before or after I hop in the shower. And I keep a ball at my desk so that I can stand up and do some occasional exercises when the mood hits me. I also have a smaller ball for self massage. I have a yoga mat, flexband, and stability ball in my living room. I will admit, I use these the least. When I go to the living room, I really usually do want to relax, but they are there and easy to grab if I’m feeling motivated.

(Can you find two foam rollers and a yoga block in my bedroom?)
None of those props are that expensive, so consider picking up a few and having some in the living room, bedroom and home office or work office. Can you spot my hidden exercise treasures amid the miss of my room and office?
(Can you find the two balls in the clutter on my desk?)
As an added bonus other people in your home might start sneaking in exercise too.