I didn’t hop out of bed and get in.  I went for a run first and then did some chores.  Then I turned the water to cold.  But I couldn’t get in the water.  My reasonable side informed me I’d actually be foolish to step into freezing water.  So I turned the dial right between warm and cold and hopped in.  It was cold for me as I normally take steamy showers.   Slowly I made it colder and colder.  I washed my hair.  I shaved and nicked my legs more than I have ever before.  Shaving in cold water is a bad choice—whether it’s the shivers or the goose bumps something goes terribly wrong.
I made a lot of high pitched noises.  I shivered. I thought getting a chill couldn’t possibly be good for me.  I thought the water probably wasn’t even cold enough.  The water was freezing, but when it hit my warm head it actually heated up and got a little warmer. There is a benefit to being hot-headed. I tried to stay out of the water as much as possible.  It was awful. 
And then I turned the water off and suddenly things seemed fabulous.  I felt really awake and invigorated.  It seemed like there was a positive—a light at the end of the tunnel.  I told myself that the next day I would get in with the temperature where I had left off today.  (Yeah right…check in tomorrow to find out…)
Personal Euphoria