I’m sure I’ve said it on this blog before, but my main interests when it comes to the body lately are feet and fascia.  Perhaps strange fetishes, but it’s not my fault; they are fascinating.  I’ve been working on some great feet exercises and the nice thing is I see improvement.  And working on them brings all this sensation (although not always pleasant sensation) to my feet.
I’ve been working on lifting all ten toes and then tapping just the big toe up and down.  Then tapping just the pinkie up and down (much harder for me).  Then I tap the big one then the pinkie and go back and forth between each. 
It reminds me of when I was younger and I wanted to be able to do something with my body and I would practice until I could perfect it.  When I was in elementary school I wanted to be able to shake my eye balls.  I wasted hours staring at my finger and in the mirror until I could do it (still can). 
Now as I’m older and have become even more fascinated with the body, I realize that wasn’t wasted time.  I wish I had hours to waste now to focus on each particular part of my body and how it can move and improve my control and coordination. 
The feet are so important.  If you aren’t already trying to tap your big and pinkie toes, try it now.  You can do this anywhere if your shoes aren’t too restrictive.  I find that I make the most time to focus on it in the shower. 

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