Okay, so last week I had no idea what I was going to do for my final challenge and now the possibilities seem endless.  A friend of mine is doing an indoor triathlon and while I didn’t have any interest in swimming or biking this is a very “easy triathlon” in that you can swim the breast stroke and the bike is stationary.  It is the only type of triathlon I think I’ll ever do.  It will be a challenge for me in that I’ll be doing some activities that aren’t up my alley.  Then there is the American Lung Association Climb for Air Charity Event in Hartford.  You climb 21 flights of stairs.  Although technically this is March 31st (after my birthday so it wouldn’t be part of my 30th year).  And there is still the chance it might snow and I could do something that involved cross country skiing.
Which do you think would be the biggest challenge?