I’ll admit not everyone loves the foam roller as much as I do.  It’s a great way to get a good work out and challenge your balance and stabilizer muscles, but more than that it can massage you and your achy fascia!  But that is the part not everyone is a fan of sadly.  One most people have never heard of fascia and then when they actually get down on to roller to massage the fascia, tendons, and muscles they don’t always love the way it feels.
It can feel a bit intense.  Some people describe foam rolling like the feeling you have when you press on a bruise.  Why would you want to do that?  Because it’s good for you and it won’t leave a bruise.  I think it hurts in a good way.  But it’s actually good for your body and will stretch and rub parts that are difficult to work the kinks out of.  A daily foam roller down the IT band would be wonderful for most people.  Can’t handle the weight of your whole body yet?  Use a rolling pin or the foam roller on the wall.  With Pilates exercises you can always modify.  You’re never stuck.
The staff at Personal Euphoria likes foam rolling so much that is what we picked in January for our quarterly get together to try something physical.  We had a great time with Cate from Evolution Pilates.  You can get a great ab workout on the foam roller in addition to rolling out on it.
In honor of my younger sister who I’ve been trying to get to use the foam roller.  I posted some videos on youtube.  Check them out and try them if you have a roller.  There are types for the following: Glutes, IT Band, Psoas Stretch, Back, Hamstring, and Quads on my channel.
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