I am not anti Dunkin Donuts. I like them and I go there—usually for donuts, muffins, coffee rolls, or egg sandwiches. As long as it’s not coffee I’m usually good. But there are things that really bug me about Dunkin Donuts (if you will listen to my rant for a moment).

I don’t like their ad slogan: America Runs on Dunkin. It bothers me the way commercials that try to make women think they need longer lashes; perfectly slender, hairless legs; flawless skin; and perky breasts to be valuable and beautiful bother me.

They aren’t wrong. We eat and drink a lot of Dunkin Donuts, but we probably shouldn’t. Not only is the food unhealthy, but the caffeine we need to get through our insanely busy days seems a little excessive. I think we all need to calm down a little, myself included.

And, I’ve noticed that when I walk out of DD some stores now have a sign that says, “See you soon.” They are right, but it drives me bonkers. It’s like they know their greasy, salty, fatty, caffeinated food is a drug we all need and they aren’t even shy about it. They are part crack dealer.

Okay, I’m exaggerating a little. Like I said, I like DD. I do. And I go there, but I think they are an example of a bigger societal problem that we have.

I’ve been holding this blog in for a while, but when I got behind a giant DD Coffee Car, I couldn’t resist.