This blog is by request. A client said she saw this Doctor Oz show (the video is in three parts) where they discussed pelvis prolapse and she thought it was a very important topic that women are probably uncomfortable talking about if they even know about it. She asked me to spread the word.

I’ve heard of pelvic prolapse because I know of women who have had it. Pelvic prolapse is when the rectum, uterus or bladders falls out of the vagina. It can vary in degree. In pilates we work to engage the pelvic floor in every exercise—a good habit for men and women—and one way to attempt to reduce pelvic prolapse.

While I’m not sure how accurate these numbers are, I have read that 30-50% of women have some degree of pelvic prolapse. Most of these women have had children, a hysterectomy, and/or are over the age of 40 and past menopause. It is also true that up to 50% of women have difficulty engaging their pelvic floor (kegel muscles) on command. The two situations are obviously linked.

So if this is something you are concerned about, you should talk to your doctor and not feel ashamed. You are not alone.