I often try to convince people that their bodies would be happier if that sat on a stability ball at work. When I worked in an office I sat on a stability ball and it was, if nothing else, a great conversation piece. Very few people take me up on the offer, however.

But my Dad did. And then the next day his office banned them because of a potential work hazard. I was annoyed because that is actually really short sighted (unless everyone at work has very expensive ergonomic chair that is actually ergonomic). Sure, anyone can fall off a stability ball, and I understand that we work in a litigious society, but all the research on sitting on a stability in schools or offices only shows the benefits. Kids do better in school. People remain more attentive (you’re less likely to fall asleep when you are sitting on a ball). Balls are more ergonomic than most office chairs so they are better for your back and hips.

A couple weeks later my dad received a note stating that employees could sit on balls and that they were in fact more ergonomic.

Go Dad for making a good choice! And Go his employer for recognizing that we weren’t meant to sit in an office chair all day and providing employees and option that is at least a little better.