Am I on a healthy challenge? You could have fooled me. Technically this challenge is from March 27, 2011 to March 26, 2012 (based on my birthday instead of the year). I’d be doing great if it weren’t for a stupid problem called pharyngitis. (It shouldn’t exist, spell check doesn’t know what it is and no one has ever heard of it.)

I got pharyngitis on April 2nd, again on May 13, and again on May 27th. This has been conflicting with my workouts, by which I mean I really haven’t been working out that much at all. Last week I went an entire week without one workout (except a 10-minute pilates class I put myself through). Sometimes the body needs that, but I’m getting a little stir crazy. My next challenge, the Warrior Dash, is coming up in a week and I haven’t trained at all.

Ugh—the best laid plans, I guess. In truth, feeling crummy will only make me appreciate feeling good when I’m back to normal.