I had a wonderful time as the Art of Control Pilates Conference I attended last week. I came away with new ideas to incorporate into my classes, and I was really excited to have gotten to train with all these famous pilates people. I couldn’t wait to tell friends and family. The problem is, outside of the pilates world, most of the people I trained with are not famous. It’s kind of a letdown to come home excited about getting to work with someone famous in your eyes and have people not entirely relate.

Brooke Siler wasn’t a letdown though. Of all the presenters listed at the conference, Jay and Brooke were the two that intrigued me the most. I thought I would just attend all of Jay’s workshops because he is an elder and comes from California. Brooke is in NY, so I thought I’d probably get a chance to train with her at some point. I’m so glad I went to her reformer workshop.

She is a wonderful teacher, with a great, fun-loving personality. She is very down to earth and open to questioning. She, like all the presenters at the conference, seemed happy to share her knowledge. She provided everyone with helpful verbal and tactile cues so that we can all better help our clients. I really appreciate when people aren’t afraid to share what they know with others.

I’m so glad that she is so close to Connecticut, and I really hope to get to go to her studio in New York and train under her some more. If you love pilates and you’re ever making a trip to the city, I’d try and check out her place.