I try to make time for a massage every month. When I started teaching pilates for a living, I felt getting a massage was vital, and all I can say is that I wish I started getting a monthly massage before I became a pilates instructor when I worked in a office. I find the benefits to be endless. If I had the time and resources I would get a massage every week, actually, I’d ask my massage therapist to move in with me.

I recommend massages to many of my clients, and when I’m making a recommendation it’s always to Kim Perrotta at Woodside Therapeutic Massage in Wethersfield, Connecticut. Having a regular massage therapist, like Kim, is helpful because she knows my body specifically. Kim is also an occupational therapist, which provides her an even deeper understanding of the body and what it needs.

Since I think Kim is so wonderful, I asked if she would explain the many benefits of massage, and here is what she had to say:

Many people may see massage as a luxury, only to be indulged in for special occasions. However, massage therapy has multiple benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. Like any investment, the more deposits you make, the more the benefits grow.

These benefits include, but are not limited to: improved sense of well-being; relaxation; decreased muscle tension; decreased pain; improved range of motion; improved circulation; improved immune response; improved sleep; decreased blood pressure. While a person may experience these benefits after a single massage session, the effects will diminish over time as one experiences life situations/stressors that caused the problems initially. Unfortunately, a lot of people think more about maintenance for the car than maintaining their own bodies. Regular maintenance is important in both situations to allow all the “systems” to operate efficiently and to avoid breakdown.

Regular massage therapy sessions can also have cumulative effects. While one session can help reduce the amount of tension in the body, regular sessions allow the therapist to reduce the tension more effectively, usually also at deeper levels. The body also has a “memory” from experiences. By receiving regular massage, one is enhancing their body’s memory for tension release and relaxation. If the body “knows” what to do, it is able to release tension and achieve relaxation with greater ease.

Massage therapy has also been shown to increase one’s body awareness. This means that one becomes more familiar with how your body is feeling. A person can become more aware of areas of tension or discomfort. This is helpful to correct improper postures or activities that may be harmful before injury occurs.

There is no magic formula for how often one should receive therapeutic massage. Discuss your personal goals for massage with your therapist and together you can discover the best maintenance program for your body and lifestyle. Massage therapy is an easy investment that can result in high yields for your body and your health. Feel like a million bucks- schedule your massage appointment today!

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