My first experience with pilates was my first year out of college. I’d always had mild low back pain that would occasionally nag me. So I downloaded some DVD’s and tried it. I enjoyed the exercises and really felt the strength I was getting. I fell in and out of doing it. Working full time put a damper on my exercise routine and I was letting fitness fall to the wayside.

I started feeling stressed because I need exercise to calm me down, so Matt took a risk and bought me a membership to a gym—this could have been taken the wrong way, but I loved it. It’s funny how unexpected choices can change your life. I started attending a pilates class at the gym and a year later they asked me to teach it.

I loved getting to teach again—since that was my original career path, and I had somewhat strayed from it. I loved pilates so much that I got certified. From then on the ball was in motion and I was hooked. I just kept going, left my full time job, and turned my one class at the gym into a whole company with a number of wonderful instructors that I am privileged to work with (read their stories in upcoming weeks).

Pilates has fulfilled me in so many ways. I get to work with a wonderful group of women who teach for Personal Euphoria and our clients never cease to amaze me. Pilates isn’t just good for my body and mind—it’s good for my basic well being. It seems to draw wonderful people and I’m happy to be a part of that group. Plus, I really do love what I do, and that is a major plus in life.