A couple weekends ago I participated in the Shamrock Run in Bristol, CT. I had signed up for the five mile race, but because I didn’t want to wait an extra hour in the cold between registration and the five mile race, I ran the two mile race. Matt ran with me and was thrilled we decided to cut our run in half. It was his first road race, and he did better than me. He ran ahead and waited for me at the end so that we could cross the finish line together. I was quite proud of him. He’s a really good sport for coming along.

The Shamrock Run put on a great event. Free food and other trinkets were plentiful and it was well organized with a big crowd (probably around 3,000 people). Before the two mile and five mile race started, they had a kid’s fun run. One young man (I would guess around six) was running with crutches. I don’t know what condition he had, but I imagine he had something along the lines of muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy. He finished the fun run last (minute after all the other kids), but with a smile plastered across his face as the whole crowed cheered for him.

It was reminder that I have no excuse. I can get up and exercise. I can do anything for the matter. If you are a healthy individual try to make time to move your body today. Throw out any excuse you might have and get up and move to show your body how much you appreciate it. It truly is a gift and there are others in worse shape who don’t let their body stop them. Having a healthy is a body is a privilege, so get up and get moving because you can, and do it with a smile…because you can.