I love all the instructors at Personal Euphoria, but I especially love them when they call me in the dead of winter after we’ve had two snow storms that dropped over a foot of snow like Jeannine did this morning and tell me the following:
“I think I’m going to move my stationary bike outside. I need to breath the outside air because it makes me feel good.”
Joe Pilates would love this. It’s so simple and so true. It’s one of the reasons that I really don’t mind shoveling, especially when time isn’t an obstacle. Last week after I finished shoveling on Thursday morning, I just laid down in the path I’d shoveled and looked up at the sky and took a few deep breaths. If my neighbors could have seen me they probably would have thought I was crazy, but I just didn’t want to go back inside right away. It felt so good to be out. I guess I have to admit it, I felt really good after I shoveled on Thursday. I really sort of like shoveling.
Bring it on, Old Man Winter. (Just stop canceling all my pilates classes!)