Matt and I go to our friend’s Dan and Isa’s house every Thursday evening for dinner and a French lesson. In July we’ll all be going to France–Isa’s native country. Sometimes we make pizza, sometimes we order it–our dinner varies, but frequently revolves around pizza followed by some kind of dessert.

A couple of months ago when Isa and I went for a walk, passing by the creamery in Old Wethersfield, we went in and I passed on ice cream. I love the ice cream at the Wethersfield Creamery, but I was trying not to eat dessert during the week. Isa was stunned and praised my will power. I’m not sure I deserve the credit. I think my will power would deserve praise if I could eat small portions of sweets, but I can’t seem to. Give me a taste of something sweet and I tend to want more.

That Thursday at our French lesson, dessert did not come out. Dan and Matt were disappointed, but Isa explained that I didn’t eat dessert during the week so she didn’t want to tempt me. I was the target of a few friendly and deserved jabs, but Isa hasn’t served dessert since. (Sorry Matt and Dan.) It really is a huge help. I’d understand if Isa served dessert again because I’m the only one trying not to eat it and it should be my responsibility to say no, but it’s harder to say no than to not have the option, especially since Isa makes mousse au chocolat that tastes like you’ve died and gone to heaven.

I don’t think a week has gone by where Matt and Dan don’t seem a little surprised that dessert hasn’t come out and asked if they can have something for dessert, but they are good friends and ultimately support my goals. The truth is, at least for me, when you are trying to be healthy and make changes that are hard for you, it really helps to have a supportive network of friends who help you along the way. I am grateful.

(Note: Isa, if you are reading this and you ever decide to make dessert again in the future, that will be okay. I know you still support me.)