If it were up to my taste buds I would each pasta for every meal of every day, occasionally swapping out breakfast for a waffle, cereal, toast, or oatmeal. I love the stuff. And frequently when I was in high school and college I would eat pasta for a least one meal a day. It must be the Italian genes because while I like corned beef and cabbage, I seem just fine with an annual fix of the stuff.

But back to pasta. Are you sensing a carb theme here? That’s really what it is–pasta is my favorite carb–but I love all carbs. Right now I can’t think of a carbohydrate that I don’t like. I believe my dad once told me that he didn’t feel satisfied from a meal lacking in meat. Well I don’t feel satisfied from a meal lacking in carbs. And while carbs have gotten a bad wrap lately, in moderation they aren’t worse than anything else.

But moderation has always been my problem, until recently. Carbs are still what I want, but unlike when I was younger, if all I eat is carbs like I did this week–our meals consisted of pizza twice, pasta once, toast with eggs, oatmeal, stuffed bread, and left over pizza–I start to feel like crap, and I start to crave something green and non-carb. Even though I love carbs and they’re easy to make and store, as I’ve gotten older I have generally varied my diet more than I did this week. I still have carbs at most meals, but not only carbs for nearly every meal.

I’m guessing this is a good change especially since it made me opt for a salad,which seemed to taste better than my third round of pizza. I’m disappointed to know that has I get ready to hit 30 my body is a little less forgiving, but I’m happy to know that as I reach 30 my body seems to better know what it needs and make those needs clear to me.