My healthy lifestyle has been progressing slowly. I’m the same weight and same measurements–135 pounds. And at this point I’ve got less than two months before I’m 30. I think I have to make February no dessert month or something.

The problem is, that isn’t realistic. I’m not going to cut desserts out forever. However, I really would like to lose five pounds because I think my four physical challenges that I’m preparing for this year will be easier if I do. And I think my knees will thank me a little bit, especially when I run and hike. And, I think I’ll just feel better in my own skin.

Alright–that’s it. I’ve decide this very second:no dessert for Maggie in the month of February. It’s the shortest month of the year, so I should be able to do it. Anyone want to join me? When we feel like having chocolate cake we can convince each other that plain yogurt is just as good.

My only exception: if we get more good snow storms and I shovel or sled, afterward I can have a cup of hot chocolate.