Participants compete in a dragon boat race to mark the Dragon Boat Festival in Bitan, Xindian, Taipei County June 16, 2010. The festival commemorates the death of Chinese patriotic poet Qu Yuan, who drowned himself in 277 B.C. on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month to protest against the corrupt government of his time. REUTERS/Nicky Loh (TAIWAN - Tags: SOCIETY ANNIVERSARY)

I am one of those people that likes to feel sore after a workout. I’ve read the research and I know that you don’t have to feel sore to have gotten a good workout–and I believe that. Still, I actually enjoy the feeling of my muscles aching (a little) when I move.

Since I joined a Dragon Boat team in Hartford, Connecticut, I’m getting plenty sore. I’m using muscles I’ve always used, but in a totally different way. It would be easier for me to list what doesn’t hurt in my body (my toes), but I’m so impressed by feeling every muscle that I’m going to list what ails me (in a wonderful way).

My fingers and hand (only on one side seems to hurt)
Lats (part of my back)
Every Butt Muscles that I have (medius, minimus and maximus)
Hip Flexors

Did I miss something? Basically my feet and calves are doing okay. It’s fabulous!