Pilates can be confusing and awkward both for the new participant and someone who may be familiar with Pilates but is learning something new. However, if you start a new exercise nervous and afraid of doing it wrong, you start the exercise with your whole body tense. That won’t help.

So I know it’s hard sometimes to relax, but next time you learn a new exercise (whether Pilates based or something else) just try not to worry about whether or not you’re doing it right. Let your body feel how it feels. It will feel different in your body–no one has the same experience or the same body. By noticing what it feels like, you’ll learn how to do it right.

To this day there are some exercises I struggle to do perfectly. But it’s okay. It’s not about doing every exercise right. It’s about learning about your body and working to the best of your ability that day.

Plus, the only person watching you do the exercises is your instructor and I can guarantee they were once in the same boat too.