The final day of taking pictures of my food! Today we celebrated my birthday at my Mom’s and I requested my usual meal that we have once a year. Most people refer to it as fried dough, but my Italian family refers to it as pizelles (to most Italians pizelles are cookies). My mom makes the best fried dough and once I year I devour it as if I haven’t eaten in centuries.

Workout: Walk 4 miles in 1 hour, 30-minute Pilates

Breakfast: Two poached eggs on 1 piece toast
Lunch: Left over chicken and asparagus
Appetizer: Bean dip on Triscuits
Dinner: SIX fried dough, some with sauce and cheese, some with granulated sugar
Dessert: Cherry Nut Cake with homemade dark chocolate ice cream
Drink: Cherry Soda (all natural)

Don’t think I passed on anything I desired today. My fried dough record is seven, but I couldn’t make it happen. By the end of the night I was so stuffed I didn’t think I’d ever need to feed myself again.