Last week I went to NYC to visit my sister and try some new types of exercises classes. The first class I tried was Fluidity, which had been recommended to me by Susan (one of our instructors at Personal Euphoria).

The exercises are done on a bar and reminded me of dance and Pilates combined, but they are designed to work every muscle in your body to the point of fatigue–an incredible sensation if you like that kind of pain, which I do (sometimes). Certainly that is not a sensation everyone wants to feel and you don’t need to feel agony in order to get a good workout.

No pain, no gain is not actually true. And one thing I have learned in my practice of Pilates is that when you come to understand and feel subtleties in the body (small muscles groups for example) and you work the muscles with awareness, they fatigue much quicker. In fluidity, I felt like I had to stop feeling my body so much, stop being fully aware or I never would have gotten through the class. Six years ago I would have loved it, but I wasn’t as aware of my body.

There is something lost and something gained in learning about the body.

So as with almost everything, Fluidity wasn’t perfect, but it was fun and I enjoyed the instructor who learned my name right away and adjusted me throughout the class.