When I took the anti-gravity yoga class, I was really impressed by the instructor, Kevin. I like the way he worded his thoughts and I enjoyed one line in particular.

At the beginning of class he asked us to think about something that we’d put a lot of energy in or that had been taking a lot of energy from us that we did not want to continue having in our life. With each exhale we were supposed to blow this item/idea further away from us. Admittedly, the non-meditater in me thought this was a little cheesy, but I was willing to go with it.

Then he asked us to think of a thing or an idea that we wanted in our life. We went through the entire class before he brought it up again. While lying in corpse pose suspended in the hammock, he brought our attention back to the item we wanted in life. With each inhale we were supposed to draw that thing closer to us. Again, a little cheesy for me. But then he said the line that struck me: “Take this item and nurture it. You want it in your life and you must be responsible for it.”

I loved the concept of being responsible for the things I want, whatever they may be. People could have been thinking about anything in the world and now they suddenly were going to be held accountable for for having it. Nurture and responsibility both struck me as vital to life in general. Should we not nurture our own lives? And should we not be responsible for making them as grand as we can? In a way, it is quite empowering.