This time of year a lot of us will take long car, train or plane rides. When you travel you don’t have to forgo exercise. You can stretch in the airport or at the gas station. Stop along the way to take a short stroll and see what you’ve been passing by at 65-miles-per-hour.

Before I left Peru, lots of people asked if I would do Pilates and keep my core engaged while traveling. “Of course,” I told them. And I usually do. Unfortunately, in Peru I often found myself sick from the altitude, motion, or food. The last thing I was thinking about was whether or not my core was engaged. Sometimes life just doesn’t work out the way we planned, in which case, we have to try not to get too discouraged.

I will say, though, that for a 10 hour car ride, I was very grateful for a strong kegel. I guess I wasn’t completely disengaged.
The picture above is of the plane we took to see the Nasca Lines. It was a ride where I kept everything as engaged as I could so as to keep the contents of my stomach inside my body. I did not look quite as happy when I stepped off the plane.