We live in a society where we think we have to be happy all the time. We often take drugs to try and make ourselves happy. We seem to think it’s not okay to be sad. Sure, chronic depression is a problem that may need to be treated, but sometimes, it’s okay to feel down in the dumps.

It is okay to feel grief, anger and fear–emotions we tend to run screaming from. We can’t indulge them forever, but once in a while it is totally acceptable to allow yourself to be sad.

There is a concept in Taoism that explains that grief is okay. When bad things happen in life, we are going to be said. We have to allow ourselves to be sad, not fight it. Accept sadness, and when the time is right pull ourselves up from our bootstraps and get back on the path to a happier well being.

The start of the holiday season can be a tough time for people. Recognize that it is okay to feel the way you feel.