Oh my gosh, it’s August. Summer is half over (but let’s not think about that). In Connecticut it only just started to feel like summer–the muggy New England August is finally here.

I’ll admit, I’ve felt a little sluggish since the humidity kicked in last week. I imagine everyone feels it on some level. Here are some tips to help stay cool and refreshed in order to stay motivated to workout and have energy for your life:

  • Hydrate–drink plenty of fluids
  • Take a Dip–Cool off in a town, gym, or friend’s pool
  • Go to the Movies–They have AC and you can relax seeing one of the summer’s blockbusters
  • Make Juice Popsicles–they are healthier than store bought Popsicles and feel just as cool and refreshing. If you don’t have a Popsicle makers, make juice ice cubes.
  • Take Cool Showers–they’re better for your skin too.