When Matt and I were in Tennessee last month we tried indoor sky diving. It’s right up my alley since I’d love to sky dive, but am terrified about leaping out of a plane. I don’t like most rides, but indoor skydiving wasn’t scary at all. It was just fun and a lot warmer than I expected. They pump warm air onto you. For some reason I expected cool air.

Best of all, I think Pilates helped me “fly” better. When they put the air on, you have to hold your body in a very specific way so that you don’t tip forward or backward because the air will push you in different directions. It was a fun challenge.

I searched for places in Connecticut you can indoor sky dive and the closest place I found was Nashua, NH, which claims to be the only place you can do it in New England. I’ve never been there, but it was fun in TN and if you’re up for a good adventure your might want to try it out.

My only complaint was that for all the prep, you only get about 3-minutes of fly time. When your time is up, you just feel like you’ve gotten the hang of it. Also, ideally you would have multiple sessions so that you can get a little better everyday. So if you’re going to be in NH for a week, see if they offer packages for multiple “flights.”