We always try to help you stay healthy around picnic events that inspire people to gorge themselves on goodies. It can be hard to pass on a beloved Aunt’s famous brownies (or in my case cheese dip).

My mom has started making these wonderful treats called Oreo Cookie Balls. Whenever they wind up at a picnic, everyone wants the recipe. We have renamed them “Crack Balls” because they are so good, you can’t stop yourself from just popping them in your mouth–oh yes, they are conveniently bite-sized. In addition to being delicious they are, no doubt, terrible for you.

The three main ingredients are Oreo cookies, cream cheese, and vanilla almond bark. What the later ingredient is, I don’t know, but I do know it’s hard to find and that white chocolate is not a very good substitute. So, how does getting your mouth watering for Oreo Cookie Crack Balls, help you stay on track this fourth of July?

You’re not going to eat them or anything that falls into the same category. You may have heard a new trend about not eating anything your great-grandma wouldn’t recognize. While I’m pretty sure Oreo cookies fall into that category, I’m positive packaged vanilla almond bark never passed the plate of my great-grandma.

So when you get to your picnic or party this Fourth, if your great-grandma couldn’t eat it, try not to eat it either. You can take this as far as you want. Grandma could have eaten brownies, but she would have made them from scratch–not out of a box. Pick the dessert that is made from scratch. It probably tastes better anyway.

It’s not that you should never eat another Oreo cookie again, but this Saturday (for one day) when so many choices abound, try to pick the one that is a little more natural. If there isn’t that option, try going with out. It could be a fun little challenge.