Above is a picture of my dad (taken about a week ago) trusting me to cut his hair. It looks like he is praying. I guess that’s fair since I should probably be watching what I’m doing instead of posing for the camera.
If you get to see your Father this Sunday, maybe after the dinner you can go for a walk or a hike. Do something active together with as many relatives that want to participate. While you stroll ask your dad questions about his life and his thoughts. It is the time with our fathers that should be cherished on this day. Not only will you be learning about your dad, but you’ll also be moving, which is great for the body.

Or, maybe you can make a quiz to see Who Knows Dad Best. Write up some questions about your dad, have everyone answer them and see whose answers best align with your father’s. If it makes everyone laugh you’ll be in good spirits and working your core.