Who doesn’t want six pack abs? It seems to be the dream of nearly everyone. The truth is those muscles are shaped like a six pack (actually more like an 8 pack) naturally–it’s just a matter of whether you can see them. We’ve all already got them. Still people will spend hours working out to try to get a glimmer of them.

I’ve never had anyone come into my class or write down on an informational sheet, “I wish I had great traps.” People come to Pilates classes to cure back pain once they have it, but very few people want a well-toned back as much as they desire a flat, washboard stomach. It’s societal.

Still, in Pilates, it’s important to consider you back, especially since when we sit in front of a computer or television (a regularly occurring activity) we don’t tend to think about out back. Next time you in a Pilates class or at the gym, focus on the back exercises. Start to think about your back during daily tasks. Your back muscles are important, large muscles that need to be worked in conjunction with that 6-pack muscle in order to have a balanced body.