I was really touched by this story. I’ll admit I don’t watch American Idol or America’s Got Talent and I hate email forwards, but when my mom sent me this link I figured I’d watch. My mom has learned not to send me forwards unless they are the cream of the crop, so I trust her opinion.

I watched. I had to hold back tears. This woman Susan Boyle is incredibly talented. She chose a fitting song and one I happen to love–“I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables. When I was a kids I would sing that in my room all the time with the soundtrack, but I was never as good as Susan Boyle.

Her voice and the song is not what almost brought me to tears, it was the story and the reaction of the audience. It is so common of us to prejudge each other. Susan Boyle does not look like a glamorous singer and it seems her appearance made people assume she couldn’t possibly sing. It’s a sad commentary, really. I think it’s great that she took a risk and showed (and shared) her beautiful voice with the world. It’s a reminder that we should all seek our dreams no matter what age or what we think might hold us back. Susan Boyle got her dream at 48. We all can to if we’re willing to try and take a little risk. In order to make her dream come true Susan had to get laughed at and ridiculed, but she did it. Achieving her dreams was worth it; no one is laughing now–instead were on the verge of tears!

Here are the links:

Watch the Clip on YouTube

Read About the Event on the Washington Post (you may have to sign up to be a member, but it’s free and worth the whole story–or at least what the media is beginning to learn about Susan Boyle).