I try not to be too preachy or political, but this topic seems to warrant that. I really think it is important to enable small, local, family farms to survive and thrive. I like to support them and could support them even more than I do.

There is a bill expected to be voted on this month that purports food safety, but really supports a handful of large agriculture corporations–organizations that as the recent peanut incident revealed don’t tend to care about our health and wellness. This bill pertains to livestock and supports the National Animal Identification System. Oddly, small farms have to register all their livestock, but the larger agribusinesses can register large groups for one price. The cost could put small farms out of business as they are expected to carry the brunt of the cost.

Even if you don’t care about small farms or the food you eat and where it comes from, you might be interested if you own any animals considered livestock–this includes owning one horse. You would have to get it registered with the government and they would insert a chip that can be read by a satellite system. If your horse dies or you take it to a show where it might mingle with other horses, you would be required to notify the government within 24-hours.

If you are interested it is worth looking into and please let others who may be concerned know too. Below are some links that I found helpful:

Best Site I Found–Easy to Petition on Site
Basic Info
Contacting Congress

You already take action by working out and maintaining a healthy body. This is one more way to protect your health.