I’m not talking about getting your feet rubbed. I’m talking about having someone rub you with their feet! I read about it before Christmas and was interested, so my sister got me an Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Massage for the holiday and I tried it out on Friday. It was fabulous.

I wouldn’t say I’d never want a regular massage again. They are different and beneficial in different ways. You can’t work a muscle with the feet the same way you can work on it with the hands, but having someone put most of their body weight on you is a great sensation–especially if you like deep tissue massages, which I do. The harder the better.

The therapist requested that I get completely naked, which isn’t typical of a regular massage, but they would sweep along my whole body in one stroke–from my feet to my neck, so full nudity was beneficial. It was worth it too because if felt great! I’m sure if full nudity is something you’re not comfortable with, you could leave undergarments on.

I went to Body and Sole Day Spa in West Hartford. My therapist was Heather, and I’d say it’s worth the experience if you enjoy massage. The picture above shows the room. The therapist holds onto the bars suspended above you.