It’s pretty easy to do, and if we’re healthy we all know we should do it, so this year really try and practice it. When you have to go shopping this season–whether the errand be for groceries or presents–make sure you park in the furthest parking spot from where you plan to shop. And if you’re going to an outdoor mall. Don’t move the car from store to store. Walk.

To distract yourself from the cold, focus on pulling your belly button to your spine or maintaining good posture.

Chances are this will actually save you time because you won’t waste time driving around for the perfect spot. If you are healthy and can walk, there is always someone who needs a closer spot more than you do. Remember that in addition to all the spending we do this time of year, we are also supposed to be generous, take stock in our lives, and consider how we can make the world a better place. Even little things matter when it comes to making someone else’s day.