Sometimes Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t provide a number of healthy alternatives. You can change that. Bring a side that you know won’t be smothered in butter or swimming in cream. String beans are easy. So are carrots if they aren’t typical at your feast.

Bring a fruit salad to serve at dessert. A fruit salad is no pumpkin pie, but if it will calm your sweet tooth, you may actually make it through Thanksgiving without feeling like your are the stuffed turkey.

If you’re thinking I must be crazy, it’s Thanksgiving and you’re going to splurge, think of other ways you can stay a little healthier. Put your fork down between every bite. Don’t eat any finger foods served in advance so you can eat a little more of the Thanksgiving meal you love.

Do some exercises at the table. Squeeze one glute (butt muscle) and then the other. Squeeze your quads to straighten your legs, hold while you chew a bit, then release. It will all be under the table so no one will notice. If you’re close with your dinner guests, get them to do it too. If you all start laughing, even just at the proposition, you’ll be working your core muscles!