During the holiday season it is easy to get off track. Starting this week until Jan 1, it can be a struggle to eat healthy and find time to exercise. So this week instead of our typical Exercise of the Week and Office Pilates, we’re giving tips on how to stay on track, especially on Thanksgiving Day. Check back here whenever you know you’re going to a festivity where there will be a lot of food and high caloric drinks…

Tip One:

Find Time to Exercise and You Will Feel Better!

I know it sounds like added stress, but if this Thanksgiving you can fit in some exercise, you’ll be glad you did. There are a lot of fun ways to do this:

  • Sign up for the Manchester Road Race. People say it’s a blast. You can even dress up!
  • Get your Family to go for a Walk between dinner and dessert. It will make everyone will feel better.
  • Start a Tradition of a Thanksgiving Morning Walk. Throw the turkey in the oven and then get everyone out. You’ll get fresh air when you’re typically bottled up in the house all day.
  • Fit in some quick cardio–do two minutes of jumping jacks, two minutes of jumping rope, two minutes of running in place, two minutes of knee lifts, and two minutes of your favorite ab exercise. It will take 10 minutes so it’s a quick way to fit in a little motion. (But make sure to do it before you eat!)
  • Tape Personal Euphoria’s 30-minutes Pilates show on Wed. morning and save it until Thanksgiving. It might even calm your nerves. Do it with the family and you might have a good laugh together.

There is so much you can do. And while it might feel like stress to add one more thing to your day, adding exercise will actually de-stress you and make you feel better all day–so long as you don’t use it as an excuse to eat more than you normally would on Thanksgiving.