We’ve seen a lot of grey days this November and it’s only the beginning of the winter season. While November started out warm, it’s been getting colder. If you’re starting to feel down from all the darkness or still haven’t adjusted to the fact that it’s dark by 5pm, you’re not alone.

You could be suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). People experience SAD to varying degrees during the winter months. SAD can make you feel tired and crave sweets. If you know you tend to get stuck in a rut during the winter months, make a pact with yourself early this season.

When the going gets tough and you don’t feel like making it to a fitness class, force yourself to get up and get moving. You know the difference between when you really need a break and when you just don’t feel like it. Believe it or not, forcing yourself when you don’t really want to is a good habit–at least when it comes to exercise. Once you’re there you are likely to have a good time. Plus, you’ll feel better afterward. When you skip fitness, it just makes you feel worse in the long run.

So today set yourself a realistic winter goal. Are you going to find time to workout three times a week? five? seven? Pick something realistic and stick with it. Come April, you’ll be proud and happy you did.