This exercise is a little like last week’s exercise where you isolated the hip joint, except it’s a little more challenging to isolate the rib cage. The range of motion is a lot smaller too. As always, if you tend to stand a lot at work have a seat for this and if you tend to sit go ahead and stand.

  • Let your hands rest on your hips, stand (or sit) up nice and tall, legs hip distance apart.

  • Start by trying to rock you ribcage from side to side. Your shoulders will probably move with you, but try not to let your hips come with you. It’s not a big motion.

  • Then rock your rib cage from front to back, again, focus on stabilizing the hips.

  • Just like last week, try to make little circles with just your rib cage. Reverse the direction.
  • Cycle through the three directions for five minutes, breathing deeply the entire time.

Then it’s time to head back to work, hopefully a little more refreshed!