You’ve no doubt been in class and felt like you can’t finish an exercise or do one more. You choose to take a break on your own or we all stretch for a moment together. Surprisingly you are able to do more after a very short break. Sometimes the body just needs a moment to recoup.

I believe the body needs a break from daily exercise too. Depending on how much you push your body, every once in a while it’s okay to take a day or maybe even a week off. If you typically work out twice a week you may never need a week’s break, but if you work out 5-7 days a week, even though you’re body might miss the exercise, sometimes it’s good to take an exercise vacation. As a Pilates instructor, these may be surprising words to pass though my lips, but I have found that with my own body. Sometimes it just gets tired and if I stop exercising for a week, I come back fresh and feel revitalized. Just make sure you don’t let a week become a month. Barring any serious injury, that’s a longer break than the body needs.

Part of exercising is learning what works for your body. I know some trainers and trainees that are like little energizer bunnies. They never need a break. I’m inspired by these people, but my body will eventually crash. You need to start learning about your body’s needs. If it’s fatigued a couple times a year, maybe you should take a day off from exercise.

This is assuming you are already in an exercise program, of course. If you are fatigued and don’t exercise, a fitness program may be just what you need. So next time you feel like you need a break give yourself one. Be honest with yourself or ask an expert. You’ll know if you’re taking too many or too few.