We all know what they say about assuming.

Every once in a while you need to try something new or try something you couldn’t do before. If you never give it a shot you really wont know whether or not you are capable of it. You may think you can’t, but you don’t really know for sure.

This is important to remember in Pilates exercises too. I have seen so many people one week not be able to do an exercise and the next week they can do it. It may take time and practice, but if they didn’t try it, they may never have discovered what they are capable of.

Of course, it’s important to listen to your body. If you have a shoulder injury and do push-ups on the wall, you shouldn’t take the leap to military push-up on your toes on the floor. However, if you are working at level where moving to your toes is the next step, maybe it’s time to try. In order to do this though we all need to get past the mental block that says two things:

1) I can’t
2) I hate push-ups (or plank or whatever exercises makes you groan when you hear it’s coming next)

Both these thoughts get in the way of achieving our goals. Instead don’t just think, know: I will be able to eventually if I keep trying. Think of your least favorite exercise as a challenge to overcome and know with every thought about it that one day you will get there so long as you keep trying to get there. Why don’t you try it now?