It’s Labor Day Weekend and that means a number of people have three days off in a row. Weekends can be an excuse to get out of our routine, especially if we are attending picnics and parties. This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous. The fall-like weather we’ve been having is expected to continue. I know the weatherman isn’t always right, but let’s assume he’s going to be.

This weekend try to make an effort to do two things outdoors within the three days. Not only will the activity be good for you body, but think of it as enjoying the last few days of summer. You could do yard work and it would be physical, but that isn’t necessarily fun. Instead, take a walk, a run, or a bike ride. Go somewhere and rent a kayak or a canoe if you’ve never done that before. Play volley ball at the Labor Day picnic. Take a hike.

Find something that energizes you and try and make time for it. After all, it is your holiday weekend. Best to fill it with activities you enjoy that are good for you!

And check in with us tomorrow for more tips for Labor Day weekend.