Do you want to work your core all day at the office without even thinking about it? If so, maybe you should consider sitting on a Pilates ball, assuming your office allows it. Generally you need a larger size than you would use in a regular class so that you are lifted higher and able to reach your desk and keyboard.

If you’re comfortable on a ball, it’s a great office tool. It forces you to use better posture than a typical office chair, and without evening knowing it you’ll be using your core muscles to help keep you up and balanced all day. That may sound exhausting, but it’s not. I used to do it. It was so much more comfortable than my previous chair and my back hurt less at the end of the day.

A ball also enables you to stretch throughout the day. When your muscles start to ache from working at the computer, you can slowly walk your feet forward and roll your body back on the ball, getting a fabulous extended stretch. Remember to come up slowly so you don’t get a head rush or fall of the ball.
So if you opt for a ball at the office over a chair, you’ll be working your core, you’ll be able to stretch easily, and, as if that isn’t enough, you’ll have a conversation piece. It certainly won’t go unnoticed.