Whether you’ve been sitting or standing all day, when you read this, especially if the afternoon has brought on that moment when you feel like you could fall asleep in front of the computer, try a little twisting.

Stand up or stay up and rotate from side to side at your torso. Then let the move get bigger, let your torso and hips move. Try balancing on one leg (near a wall if you need some support) and turn the lifted leg from side to side. Then switch and rotate the other leg. Get all you muscles moving in opposite directions. Get a little twist all over your body.

Moving the body will almost always help wake it up. After a little twisting (5 minutes or less) you should feel revitalized to get through the afternoon. If it’s one of those days where an hour later your eyelids are starting to droop again, get back up and twist. Twist as often as you need to, even if it’s every hour. Not only should it wake you up, but it pulls you body out of the position it’s been stuck in all day.

This week, try twisting whenever you feel tired, bored, or like you are stuck on a problem. It just might help.