I can’t take credit for the statement “exercise is the best medicine” although I wish I could. It was a comment a new client of mine made this week, and it is utterly true. I wish I thought of it myself. Granted exercise isn’t a cure all for everything that ails us, but the benefits of exercise are endless.

From stress reduction to a lower resting heart rate, diet and exercise can be a cure for many diseases and some chronic pain. It doesn’t mean you should stop taking medications you are on when you start an exercise program, but you should remain in contact with your doctor. My Grandma started dieting and exercising. After losing 20 pounds, her doctor took her off one medication and reduced the quantity of another.

There is even a discussion about doctors proscribing diet and exercise. It is certainly something to think about. Almost every pill has a list of arguably negative side effects. The side effects of exercise, when you work at your level and don’t push yourself beyond your current capabilities, are only positive.

I have two relatives that were motivated to lose weight this year when their doctor told them they were going to have to start taking medication. When it comes to getting motivated to exercise, it doesn’t matter where the motivation comes from as long as you find it.

If thinking of exercise like medicine helps you stick to a work out then run with it.