When I finish a class many people thank me, which I appreciate. It makes me feel good of course, but it is also important to remember to thank yourself.

You are the one who pushed yourself through a challenging workout. You are the one that made time to get yourself to class and do something good for your mind and body. You are the one that is improving every time you try an exercise (even if you don’t notice from week to week). You are the one who is brave enough to try something new every time you learn a new exercise. You deserve a lot of thanks.

I was raised to say thank you too, and I think it’s a wonderful way to show your appreciation. Thanking someone makes the receiver feel good. But we rarely show thanks for our self. Sometimes it’s important to let ourselves know we appreciate our own choices and that we are proud of ourselves. It will make us feel good and help us to continue to make positive choices.

It may sound silly, but I think it is important to believe in ourselves, feel good about ourselves, and thank ourselves for a job well done. Sometimes we all deserve a little pat on the back and there is not reason we can’t be the giver and the receiver.

So today when you are happy, proud, or grateful for something you finished or got started working on, thank yourself. You deserve to be appreciated by others and by you.