What is a Postural Analysis?

A Postural Analysis is a short examination of the body that informs you and your instructor of your muscles’ strengths and weaknesses. Having a P.A. can help find alignment and tracking issues. The process helps both instructor and client determine what exercises are best for your body type. Following a session at Personal Euphoria Pilates, you will receive a personalized worksheet to help you as you continue your training.

What Types of Things Will You Discover from a Postural Analysis?

Our body is pulled out of alignment all day. We can also be born with our body out of alignment. Pilates strives to balance the body so that the muscles are less strained and work more evenly. Pilates exercises work against daily activities like working at a computer all day, which can make people roll their shoulders forward and hunch over. A pelvis that is tilted, rotated, or shifted could cause hip problems or low back pain. During a postural analysis all your major joints–ankles, knees, hips, shoulders–will be reviewed to see where they are in relationship to each other. We’ll look at which muscles are tighter than others, potentially throwing the body off balance. This information will not only benefit you as you try to improve in Pilates, but you can use the information in daily life. You can think about how you hold your body when you are standing and walking. You can try to remember to lengthen the spine when at a computer. Like all of Pilates, a P.A should get you thinking about your body throughout the day.

Who Should Get a Postural Analysis?

They are a good option for anyone. Whether you are new to Pilates or have taken Pilates for years, a P.A. will help you learn about your body. If you have recently experienced a change in your body and have new hip pain or back pain a P.A. (as well as seeing a medical professional) can be beneficial. Of course, the best time to have a P.A. is when you first start taking Pilates. This can get you on the right track, literally, right away. But for anyone who is interested in the body and working to get in better shape or exercising to stay in good shape, a P.A. helps you learn more about your own body and provides you information you can use in any exercise program and throughout life.