I like to constantly remind my clients to pull their belly button to their spine. I challenge clients to come up with new locations to practice engaging the core muscles. A few weeks ago, after reminding a class to think about new places to pull the navel to spine, one of my clients kiddingly said, “Oh, Maggie. We never stop pulling our belly button to our spine.” We had a good laugh. I told her how she had made my day, which she had.

It is perhaps unrealistic to actually engage a muscle all day. Our minds have to focus on too many other things, but I do think a “Never Stop” motto might be a good philosophy when it comes to exercise. I have a kick boxing instructor who repeats–to the rhythm of us punching the air–“Exercise all your life.”

On those days when you’re struggling to get up or finding it difficult to fit in your regular Pilates class, just repeat the words “Never Stop” or “Exercise All Your Life.” Try to let them motivate you. Exercising is so good for you body and it enlivens your spirit. Let it be a part of your regular routine without getting too frustrated with yourself when you fall off the wagon for a week or even a month or even a year. Get back on and start working out at anytime.

Obviously, very few of us our going to have our belly buttons pulled to our spine 24-hours a day 7 days a week, but we can keep it in the back of our mind, engaging it occasionally. And we certainly can make the choice to make exercise and fitness a part of our life, in which case we will “Never Stop” making time for our health and wellness. For today promise yourself that you will “Exercise All Your Life” and then take it one day at a time, reminding yourself each day what your goals are.