In Pilates we do different exercises every class. Exercises like the 100 are nearly never skipped, but the repertoire is so varied we have the luxury to mix it up on a daily basis. We can also do exercises in a different order. We can start with the leg series or the ab series.

It’s important to change your routine when you exercise because your muscles can memorize an exact routine. So, you know you’re getting variety when you come to a Personal Euphoria Pilates class, but are you creating variety in your exercises outside of class? If you lift weights and you always complete the exercises in a certain order, try doing them in reverse one day. If you run for a bit and then bike, try to bike and then run.

If you like to run, try speed walking one day. You’ll have a whole different set of muscles aching by the next day.

Finding a routine that you like and will stick to is most important, of course. But sometimes it can be fun to add a little variety. Don’t get discouraged. Look at it like a challenge. You may work out every day on the bike and be in a great shape, but if you go for a run, you’ll feel exhausted. Different exercises train different muscles. You’re still in good shape. You just aren’t in running shape.

That’s why cross training is so good for you. Cross training is when you do a variety of exercises–yoga, Pilates, weight lifting, walking, jogging, biking, cross country skiing. You work many muscles in a variety of ways and can be prepared for almost anything without the wear and tear that a repetitive exercise can put on your joints.

Ultimately, try to be active in all sorts of ways. Your body will thank you for it.