Try and move your body or take deep breaths. Focus on what’s really important instead of the typical little things that tend to get under our skin. Where ever you are, take a moment to re-align yourself. You’ll be better off for it, and probably have an easier time accomplishing the tasks that are stressing you out.

Even at work, it’s great to close the office door and take a few minutes to stretch. Slowly roll down and touch your toes. Do some trunk rotations–keep your hips pointing forward and twist from the waist. It should help wake you up and calm you down.

Or if you have five to ten minutes go through the Pilates warm-up. Elevate and Depress the shoulders. Protract and retract the shoulder blades. Get on all fours and do a cat stretch. Rest on one side with your legs pulled in toward your chest for spinal rotation. Move your body in every way possible. If it doesn’t make you feel any better, it won’t have done any harm. Give it a try.