The Pilates breath can be very challenging to practice. Sometimes we exhale when we feel like we should inhale. Sometimes we take deep exhales followed by a quick inhale when all we want to do is collapse on the floor and let our abs relax.

When learning Pilates it is important not to let the breath frustrate you. Always remember to breathe. Learn the intricacies of the exercises, learn to control your muscles, and then learn the breath pattern.

Pilates may be rolling over in his grave to watch me write those words, but once you learn to control you’re muscles, you’ll have an easier time learning to control the muscles that aid in respiration.

There are so many things to consider while doing the simplest exercises in Pilates. The exercises aren’t meant to frustrate. They are meant to provide you with control and strength. The breathing is important and helpful, but as long as you don’t hold your breath, you will eventually figure it out.