Do You Need A Coma To Inspire You?

When I ran the Surftown Half Marathon in September I ran about a mile with a guy I’d never met.  We struck up a conversation because he was thinking of doing a RagnarRelay and I was wearing a Ragnar Relay t-shirt.  I’ve decided an amusing shirt is a good tool on a long run.  It becomes a conversation piece.  Next time I’m going to try to come up with something even better than an old Ragnar shirt.

As we chatted he told me that he had a snowboarding injury that left him in a coma.  The doctors gave him a list of activities he’d never be able to do again.  So he decided to prove them wrong.  This year he was running a half marathon and training for a triathlon to prove he could run, swim and bike.  He’d never done any of these activities prior.

After a mile, I slowed down and we parted ways, but in a brief time a man I didn’t even know inspired me.  And I thought, we often hear stories about someone who learned something from a tragedy they survived.  Life often alters our perspective.  But I wondered why don’t we let ourselves be inspired before something tragic?

Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do that you’ve been stalling on?  Can you be inspired to do it just because?

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Maggie Downie
Thank you for giving your time to stop and read my blog. I hope it encourages you to keep moving. Move and the body will be happier. And when you're moving you can hike, run, swim in Jell-O, race over non-Newtonian fluids, travel the world or build igloos--if that's your thing. If not, you can watch me do it. This is just a spot to try and feel good about life.

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